Learning Management Systems Support

Learning management systems are the classrooms in an online environment. This is the place where the interaction between the Faculty and the Students take place. Remember that these learning management systems can also be used as an interface to learn, assess traditional classrooms assignments, assessments, and other evaluation items. The results can be accessed as reports and helps in the paperless effort.

Some of the renowned learning management systems that we support are Moodle, Sakai, and Canvas. These learning management systems are unique and can be tailored to your needs. This helps in making the learning process effective and can be customized to suit your needs.

Moodle is one of the renowned Learning Management Systems that serves (As of June 2013 Source Wiki) 7.5+ million courses with 1.2+ million teachers.

It is a community of academic institutions, commercial organizations and individuals working together to develop a common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE).

Instructure Inc. was created to support the continued development of a new learning management system (LMS) originally named Instructure.