Academic Support

Academic Support

When it comes to teaching an online course, your faculties are expected to undertake certain key tasks and responsibilities to teach and manage the course effectively.

Having been in the eLearning industry for more than 6 years, we have a strong foothold in clearly understanding the operations and tasks that are performed by an online instructor. This helps us provide the support they need in all dimensions pertaining to teaching courses online.

Instructional Designing & Course Building

The initial level of discussion includes understanding the accreditation requirements and a road map is created so that the course complies with all the requirements. Our instructional designers work with colleges and professors to build and deliver effective online courses. Our primary focus is to ensure that:

  • The course activities align with the course learning outcomes.
  • Make sure that all learning outcomes are covered throughout the course.
  • Make sure the key concepts are reinforced.
  • Student engagements and create effective learning plans.

Our instructional designers also keep in mind the program’s learning outcomes. This is why weekly learning outcomes are created to maintain the rigor. Based on the duration of the courses the activities are created and spaced out. We work with the subject matter experts to create a video lectures for each week and this makes a difference in an online course. Once the course is created based on the requirements of the college/departments its branded and owned by the institution.

Critical thinking, focusing on current trends, and application of theory/knowledge is our approach to create a course that helps the learner to stay competitive in their industry. At present, our instructional support is catered to

  • School of Business
  • Information Technology

Engaging Subject Matter Experts

We engage professionals who are working in the relevant field as part of course support and as mentors. These are working professional who will share current industry trends, practices and working knowledge to students. This also gives the students an idea of the potential opportunities available in the job market based on their specialization. For instance, While teaching technology based courses that involve programming, simulations and applications, our SMEs will directly work with the student to solve coding, simulation system related questions.

Here are some courses that we provide support in the field of Information Technology

  • PHP Programming Courses
  • Perl Programming and CGI Scripting Courses
  • Java Programming Courses
  • XML Programming Courses
  • Enterprise JavaBeans and J2EE Courses
  • Website Development with HTML, JavaScript and CMS Courses
  • Dreamweaver Application Courses
  • C++ Programming Courses
  • Adobe Photoshop Application Courses
  • Big Data Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • SEO, SMO Courses

Teaching Assistants and Professional Evaluators

Our Academic coaches and Instructional Designers are qualified professionals who have a minimum of master’s degree and have a PhD in the relevant field. They have an in depth knowledge of the industry and how it functions. Under the guidance of instructors they help manage the online classroom. We make sure that all assignments assessed are graded in an organized, professional manner which includes clear feedback to students of what they did well and where they need to improve.

Our coaches also engage with students in the discussion forum and share their professional experience, real time scenarios etc. When the enrollment number are high for a course, which is often the case with high demand courses we assign a coach for every 20 students. This ensures:

  • Personalized feedback to students
  • All student questions are addressed in a timely manner
  • Coaching about APA
  • Plagiarism
  • Improve writing skills and
  • Reaching out to non-participating students via phone calls, email, to help them with a game plan to get back on track.