Online teaching as a career

It is estimated that there are over 5300 Higher Ed colleges in the USA, and the need for qualified online instructors is on the rise.

The best part about becoming an online instructor is:

  • Flexibility and collaboration
  • Lifelong learning
  • Stay current in your field
  • Teach from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection
  • Teach based on your availability
  • Teach courses that aligns with your expertise and education


How to become an online instructor?

Our Online Teaching Career course provides you with the tools and knowledge to be a successful online faculty and establish yourself in the online higher education segment.

The mentorship and career guidance, which is part of the program, supports students pursuing masters or doctoral degrees to plan their career in online teaching. Our mentors have been part of the online teaching community for more than a decade now and will share knowledge and insights on how you can plan your career progress.

Online Learning will play a big role in higher education. Prepare yourself to be a part of the community that is always learning.

Who can take this course?

Online Teaching Career course is beneficial to all master’s and doctoral level students who wish to pursue online teaching as a full-time career.

You can also take this course if you want to pursue other career fields but be a part of the online community as an adjunct faculty.

The advantage is that you are always learning and giving back to the student community.

This course is highly recommended for those who are looking to transition from a traditional college environment to online teaching.

What is covered in this course?

Module Description
Module 1 An Overview of Online Teaching and Learning
Module 2 Career in Online Teaching and how to get started
Module 3 Creating a Unique Approach to Position Yourself in Higher Education and Master interviews
Module 4 Learning Management Systems Knowledge Essentials
Module 5 Communication in Online Learning and benefits of being part of the online learning community.
Module 6 Communication in Online Learning and benefits of being part of the online learning community.
Module 7 Grading, Feedback and Rubric
Module 8 Tools for Academic Assistance, Engagement and effectiveness Complete creating Resume, Teaching Philosophy and other required materials to get your career underway.

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