Faculty development and facilitation support

When teaching in an online program, as an instructor you are expected to complete key tasks and manage responsibilities to deliver a successful class that helps student achieve the learning objectives .

Being in the eLearning industry for more than 6 years, we have a strong process knowledge of the tasks performed by an online instructor. This helps us provide the support they need to deliver the course effectively. From training to live course support we offer comprehensive training solutions.

Academic Coaches and Teaching Assistants

Our Academic coaches and teaching assistants are qualified professionals who have a minimum of master’s degree and have a PhD in the relevant field.

Their role is to help the instructor on record manage all aspects of grading in an online class. This is beneficial when there is a high enrolment in your program and when the class requires additional live sessions,lectures from the faculty on record and when there is also a simulation based learning involved.

The support provided by our Academic Coaches and Teaching Assistants ensures that faculty has additional time to schedule live sessions with students and get on a call to provide guidance.

Faculty Training

As a online instructor, one might think teaching the course is their only responsibility. This holds true for a traditional face to face classroom setup.

However, being an online adjunct faculty and teaching a course online, one will be expected to create, organize and manage your e-classroom all by yourself. We provide effective onboarding and professional development training that help faculty meet their goals and objectives.

Understanding and Learning Policies and Procedures

  • Organizational culture
  • Late assignment policy and incomplete procedures.
  • Point of contact for the school
  • Other services the college offers such as Tutoring, Learning and Development Centre, e-library, Software applications.

Faculty Recruitment

VA Techies provides a high precision faculty recruitment service that will enable you to choose the most appropriate and qualified professors to teach in your programs. Our analytical approach to hiring is high tech combined with precision data.

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